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Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills


What are PLTS?

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills - PLTS

In consultations with employers, learners, parents and the wider public, the PLTS framework has been refined over a number of years

What are they?

  • They are the underlying principles of Functional Skills and an integral part of all modern Apprenticeship Frameworks
  • They describe the qualities and skills needed for success in learning and life
The Framework comprises of 6 distinct groups, each divided into 6 smaller elements.
  1. Creative Thinkers - CT
  2. Independent Enquirers - IE
  3. Reflective Learners - RL
  4. Team Workers - TW
  5. Self Managers - SM
  6. Effective Participators - EP
For each group of skills, a focus statement describes the range of skills and qualities involved. This in turn is accompanied by a set of outcome statements that describes and identifies the relevant skills, behaviour and personal qualities associated with each skill.