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We are a leading provider of Functional Skills in the UK. Our achievement and retention figures consistently out perform our competitors and our intention is to continue and to strive to improve on our performance. This government have been using Functional Skills to improve English, maths and ICT skills of people as both stand alone awards and as part of the apprenticeship framework and has subsequently extended their presence until 2020. The government states that All apprentices should reach a good level in English and maths before they can complete their Apprenticeship, yet many do not. Many people still refer to Literacy and Numeracy skills, which is incorrect, but does demonstrate their lack of understanding of the qualifications. DKFS Training Ltd (DKFS) is a UK training provider, offering specialised training to individual learners and Vocational learners of all ages and of all abilities. We know a demand exists for quality training and up to date courses that equip learners with the necessary knowledge to function at the level intended. We are experienced trainers in our field and our delivery model is based on learner centred training, using the most current and innovative training materials available. Our success rates are far in excess of colleges and we strive to maintain this advantage. Our vision is to modernise the training sector through improvement and innovative training methods that motivate both trainer and trainees. We are a training provider with extensive experience in the delivery and successful achievement of functional skills and modern apprenticeships. We use our extensive experience to ensure quality training and quality results. Our learners actually learn how to become functional and use their new skills to solve real life problems when trained by DKFS Training.

About us

DKFS Training Ltd deliver effective functional skills training at all levels, in all subjects, in modern apprenticeships and as separate subjects. We work nationally, with major partners, across industry and the NHS. We design and deliver courses in ways that suit the needs of our learners and employers. Our commitment to improvement continues as ongoing investment in future courses and delivery models continues unabated. Trainers are being constantly upskilled, so that our training remains of the highest quality. Our reputation grows through customer and learner recommendations, along with the assurance and reliability of delivery of the highest quality courses. We enter into minimum Service Level Agreements to provide peace of mind to our partners and design our courses so that employers can have an input into how we design and deliver our courses, so that they can see the value for money that we provide.